Website Address


A website address similar to or, where "finehotel" is replaced with your name, is included for free with your package.

However, you may prefer to use another website address completely of your own choice such as or

This is indeed possible and easy to setup (depending on the services offered by the domain name registrar where you register your domain name):

      1. Register a domain name of your own choice at any good domain name registrar of your own choice (subject to availability).

        If you do not already know and use a good domain name registrar, we recommend .
      2. Configure the so-called "A record" for your domain name to point to the so-called "IP number" Internet address of our Hotel-Lobby Internet server:

        Ask your domain name registrar to do this or use their website services to do this yourself. Exactly how this is done depends on the domain name registrar you are using.
      3. Domain name configurations may take up to 24 hours to take effect, so please wait 24 hours after configuring your domain name.
      4. Test your domain name by opening it in your web browser: